Why CorsetedDreams?

“Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame; Each to his passion; what’s in a name?”
Helen Hunt Jackson


Why is this blog/writing portfolio titled Corseted Dreams?

When someone writes, what they write, is a piece of their identity. When we read we are entering the world of the world and reality of either the protagonist or the writer; this depends on the type of writing. In example stories/poetry for the former and anything else for the latter.

The picture above is a reference to the Linguist Ferdinand de Saussure’s theory of semiotics which revels how arbitrary language is. It does not matter what we name something it is the meaning which is attached to the name that allows us to communicate meaningfully. For a fuller explanation of this – since it isn’t directly linked to the above question – I like the explanation on Criticism.Com

So back to the name. Dreams and aspirations shape us as a person, and corsets also give a more defining shape. Dreams push us to use all of our potential, and corsets can be worn tighter the more that they are worn; just as writing improves, gets tighter, the more it is practised. On the flip side, dreams can be restricted by beliefs and misconceptions, and corsets are restricting to wear.


“What’s in a name? That is what we ask ourselves in childhood when we write the name that we are told is ours.”
James Joyce

6 comments on “Why CorsetedDreams?

  1. Similar idea to Sartre when he wrote ‘Nausea’ – words only have meaning when we give them meaning, ergo life only has meaning when we give it meaning. Well worth reading the novel, but don’t expect to write anything for a few months afterwards. 🙂

    • Richard! Great to see you on here and 😀 I haven’t read ‘Nausea’ maybe I’ll pick it up when I do a postgrad course, as there won’t be time for any leisure writing then! It also sounds like something I could have used for the dissertation – ah well. Hows the writing going for you?

  2. Haha, yeah, I picked the wrong time to read the novel as it was in the middle of the second year and my output of writing became zilch!! Haven’t really been writing much lately, haven’t had the time or the inspiration, but I am starting to get the buzz for wanting to scribble something down. How’s your writing going? Loving the poems you have posted 🙂

    • Ouch, yeah certainly not a good time for a creative writing student to read it. You say you’ve not had time for writing, aren’t you still doing the Creative Writing MA? You could always continue The Devil’s Playground *she says hopefully* My writing has picked up recently I went through a dry spell but it’s starting to come back again now, though not having the APEX to work on didn’t help things. Also thank-you I’m very pleased you like them, and thank-you for the text message you sent the other day.. I’m low on credit hence my lack of response!

      • I am still, kind of, doing the M.A. I am waiting to hear from the bank to see if I can get a loan to pay for the fees! If I can’t pay them, or don’t have any plans to pay them, before tomorrow then I will have to leave and rejoin at a later date. Sucks a bit, but nothing I can do about it if it is so.
        One of the ideas I had to write for my dissertation was based on the Erik Dragoon character from TDP, but set on another world – but was a bit worried that the Vampire market might be a bit too diluted with Twilight-style rubbish, and would have to justify why my novel would work in the market place. But, as I said, if I can’t pay it won’t matter.
        Hope your writing rebirth continues, I have an itching to write something, and did start a poem on the bus a few days ago – but we will see if my own revolution charges onwards or dies in the gutter . . . .
        No worries about msg response, most of the time I don’t have any coverage (TESCO are rubbish) so probably wouldn’t have received your reply anyway, haha.
        Speak soon 🙂

  3. What was the verdict with the bank? Would be a shame if you can’t continue as you’re nearly at the end of it now.
    TDP? Sorry I’m not familiar with it, at least not with the acronym! That’s a good point about the Vampire market, but you could argue that Twilight is not a vampire novel rather it is a romance novel which uses elements of vampirism, whereas yours would essentially be a vampire novel and aimed at adult readers rather than ‘young adult’ readers….
    How did you get on with that poem? I’ve been working on my old Vampire story which you may remember from “Criticism and Theory for Writers” from first year, at least I think that’s what the module was called.
    Haha indeed Tesco are rubbish, as that’s who I’m with as well! They have good deals but the coverage is poor.
    Chat soon!

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