Narrative Poetry

The Tale of Constace
© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

The Tale of Constance
An Extract


In the tower
A Prince resides
The one that will save her
To rectify his sins.
The voracious dragon will be defeated
Its fire crumbling at his shield
Then the princess will see stars
That break the bars of time.
… Restricted
… Silenced
Flashes of hope dash through her veins and thoughts
She does not know that her logic has
led and
Their bourbon eyes interlock
At first sight.


© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Corset Sword

The Corset Sword

Blood breathes in an ancient bowl
Jewels are tossed with a splash
Rings form and grow reaching out to the soul
Outside winter winds sing their cry and dash.

Around the bowl candles burn at ease
To the left lays a corset
And to the right a sword
While above a caged dove sings.

And so which do I, will I, am I to love?
The question met with malicious silence.
By the ceasing of music from the trapped dove
Thus in C minor the orchestra commence.

This fills the air with ubiquitous passions
And depressions, in a dolorous harmony
A manner that allows no illusion
Anticipating the great epiphany.

The blood trembles at the orchestral sound
And the cage shatters and feathers scatter
Flying high beyond the notes the dove is unbound
And swoops down to grasp the hilt.

The corset burns as the candles tip
And into E flat major the orchestra slip
The dove unclasps the blade; it plummets into the bowl
And dissolves as the answers evolve.

The dove fades into the winter wind
And with this the orchestra silence
Realising what is now to be a personal oath
So for this life which am I to love, well both.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.



Out of sight
Out of mind
For a night
Or two bind

This with time
Thus it’s true
Still all mime
Because you

Came then went
Without trace
It’s not fate
Now your face

Lingers on
All cause I
Saw you,
No good-bye

I don’t cry
I’m hoping
You’ll see me
And we’ll lie

As we did
Once again
Now to rid
Of this pain

That is you
I’m astute
Any route
I find you

Out of sight
Leave my mind
Day and night
Now unbind

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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