Lughnasadh: The Autumn Equinox


For the Celtic figure Lugh. He unites people with the land and is therefore illustrious during The Harvest festival, Lughnasadh.

Fruit is yield by trees
Sheaves of corn are cut in the breeze,
With many thanks to the Earth
For she gave her bounty birth.

This is the Earth’s sacrifice
That she performs without a cry,
And the Sun begins to wane
Yet remains faithful to the land.

Lugh in slain
Yet death has no claim,
Because into an eagle he transforms
So with a fawn he sees another dawn.

And now a lone stag looks into relentless skies
And watches as an eagle flies.
The warm sun, now turning cold
Sinks behind ancient hills,
Turning them to enchanting gold.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Misty Glade

Misty Glade

Within a misty glade
Upon the midnight hour
The otherworld boundary fades
In this place of mysterious power

And we listen as we may learn
The truth behind our reflection
Looking at the sky we turn
Searching for that protection

Asking for the answers we know
We sit within natures circle
What is going on below
And why must we feel to know?

© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.




Bittersweet Madness

Bittersweet Madness

The dawn of the dark moon
Brings a bittersweet madness soon
Vampires screech and wolves howl
The scent coming from the cemetery is foul
The atmosphere is cold
And the night is bold
As bats whistle through night air
And immortals dance without a care
Their white skin sun hasn’t glanced upon
For centuries as they’ve listened to the nights’ song
And their cry for death encased in a howl
As they wander through forests having to prowl
Stars glisten in all their eyes
Which hold countless memories from the sky
And now sweet blood is drained
From the mortals, oh so afraid
The dawn of the hideous sun
Brings this bittersweet madness to an end
Vampires screech and wolfs howl
The scent coming from the cemetery is foul

© Jenna Grabey 2005. All Rights Reserved.

The Tale of Constance – A Broken Ballard

The Tale of Constance

In the depths of the misty moor
Stands a castle from ancient lore
Shrouded by the tangible night
Stars hang emitting crystal light

Barn owls chase shrews and mice to kill
Across the rolling Exmoor hills
The castle built from local stone
Is enchanted with the winds’ moan

This castle has no space for time
Is the elements greatest crime
Centuries pass all unknown
Yet see how the ivy has grown

Laying on the dungeons cold floor
A girl holds no key for the door
Thrown in there by her misery
Now she’ll cry till she finds the key

History of blood and bandages
Haunt her on her dream’s fringes.
In the tower a prince is found
Loneliness is what keeps him bound

To the castle, to the tower-
Every single hour, tastes sour
His past wisps like the dusty wind
What he did- could it be a sin?

For she knows the prince will save her
From the fearsome dragon, he’ll lure
The beast away, break the bars
And take her to see the stars

Hills become veiled in darkness,
With alluring music playing
From the prince the involved witness,
The songs keep the princess hoping

Silencing the pain from the chains
That bind her wrists and fists
Manacles for imprisonment
The lock, a gaping hole there lies

A fire, restricted, silenced
Chains of spears burn through her thoughts
Dissolution runs through her veins
Her logic has crumbled and cracked

To be continued …

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Think about the innocent and Lockerbie

Bathing like Elizabeth Bathory
Or washing your hands like Lady MacBeth
Recall the innocents in Lockerbie
You may as well have taken Crystal-meth

Still be damaging to those around you
Apart from the members in the party
Because you are all the same shade of blue
Smoking contemporary politics how arty

You didn’t have a clue
It was an accident
Too late the party flew
And caused another dent

Intention was the same
But more were meant to-do
And not to be left lame
With the party you slew

Until all viscera were in two
Still you’re all the same damn shade of blue
And you still caused damn burning murder
As the party intended to do

© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Narrative Poetry

The Tale of Constace
© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

The Tale of Constance
An Extract


In the tower
A Prince resides
The one that will save her
To rectify his sins.
The voracious dragon will be defeated
Its fire crumbling at his shield
Then the princess will see stars
That break the bars of time.
… Restricted
… Silenced
Flashes of hope dash through her veins and thoughts
She does not know that her logic has
led and
Their bourbon eyes interlock
At first sight.


© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Poison Ivory

Poison Ivory

Walking relics from the prehistoric age
Have stumbled into a cage
Bringing their adornments of finery
Yet no amount of fact works as bribery
As each metal sheath is inscribed
With Faith, Folklore and failed education
All in the era of the postmodern
These share nothing in common
But put these together
And a lump of dead protein
Becomes a valuable treasure

Each sheath is a human
Who is under a manufactured illusion
The words of their delusion
Faith, Folklore and failed education
Are branded into the body
And scorched into the tongue and eyes

Now there is a postmodern potion
A poison that is precise
That will be used
In dead protein
To rid of the obscene
Those who are infected with
Faith, Folklore and failed education

Infection to fight infection.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.



I’ll never forget those words you told me
Even though I can’t act upon them yet
But one day I will and I hope you will see
How far I have come since we first met

I shall open all the doors and windows
Let the breath of life run through the house and me
And I will let go, take a deep breath and grow
So to learn and understand the seas of emotion

Tears exist but are too frightened to fall
So anger pushes them, to find they are gone
You, your words, and the meetings I recall
Yet I still cannot sing your’ song
And tears still feel wrong

So for now, recalling your’ words I must fight
The less painful ways to escape, do it right
Forget my destructive ideas, day and night
To ensure I grow, and then you’ll be within my sight

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.