Free My Mind


Out of sight
Out of mind,
For a night
Or two bind

This with time,
Thus it’s true
Still all mime
Because you

Came then went
Without trace,
It’s not fate
Now your face

Lingers on
All cause I
Saw you,
No good-bye.

I don’t cry
I’m hoping
You’ll see me
And we’ll lie

As we did
Once again,
Now to rid
Of this pain

That is you,
I’m astute
Any route
I find you,

Out of sight
Leave my mind,
Day and night
Now unbind.

Jenna Grabey © 2011

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The Tale of Constance ~ A Broken Ballard


In the depths of the misty moor
Stands a castle from ancient lore
Shrouded by the tangible night
Stars hang emitting crystal light

Barn owls chase shrews and mice to kill
Across the rolling Exmoor hills
The castle built from local stone
Is enchanted with the winds’ moan

This castle has no space for time
It’s the elements greatest crime
Centuries pass all unknown
Yet see how the ivy has grown

Laying on the dungeons cold floor
A girl holds no key for the door
Thrown in there by her misery
Now she’ll cry till she finds the key

History of blood and bandages
Haunt her dreams at the fringes
In the tower a prince is found
Loneliness is what keeps him bound

To the castle, to the tower
Every single hour, tastes sour
His past wisps like the dusty wind
What he did – could it be a sin?

Constance knows the prince will save her
From the fearsome dragon, he’ll lure
The beast away, break the bars
And take her to see the stars

As hills become veiled in darkness,
Alluring music is played
On a grand piano by the prince,
This keeps the princess hoping

Every note played silences the pain from the chains
Which bind her wrists and fists
They are manacles for imprisonment,
The lock, a gaping hole, there lies

A fire, restricted, silenced
Chains of spears burn through her thoughts
Dissolution runs through her veins
Her logic has crumbled and cracked 

With the rising of many suns
She hears him on the cobbled steps
She weeps, must have slain the dragon.
Infatuation at first sight

Their bourbon eyes interlock
Forgetting time, in time
Biting her lip she smiles

He breaks the bars, but he does not
Take her to see the stars
She sees the verity before her
A chilling beautiful monster

No eyes does his face hold
Or anything she ever knew
Just a frozen heart with ivory fangs
And a lurid face torn apart

She sees the awful reality
And hears the testing truth
Never again will she be chained
And never again she be pained

Her silk screams are in unison
Echoing from the high tower
The monster crying in the night
Finishes her off in a fright

Beating her to her bones
Till she falls with a thud
He wants to shred her more
But only to see more blood

Her skeleton, abandoned
On the floor that now wears her flesh
And death she now wears
As if in blessed matrimony

Constance died of a broken heart
Her melancholia is always
In the castle, every hour.
While that miscreant of Mother Nature

Winds along the dusty tunnel,
His thoughts flicker back to Constance
And his eyes turn misty in a howl,
For she is now an angels’ hymn


Jenna Grabey © 2011. All Rights Reserved.




Ice and snow cover the Earth,
Nature says, ‘stay at home
By the fire of the hearth
Now is not the time to roam.’

So on this frosty Yuletide eve,
We burn the Cailleach Nollaig*
And song and laughter we weave
In the light of the Christmas Hag.

We feast and drink sweet mead,
As we relish on the sacrificed Earth
Whose now in death but we know will seed
Once awakened into rebirth.

Under Druid blessed mistletoe
We kiss as the Sun begins to grow,
Because on the deepest, darkest night
We celebrate the rebirth of light!

*The burning of the Cailleach was the ceremonial burning of the Winter Solstice. A piece of wood was carved roughly into the shape of an Old Crone to represent the Spirit of Winter. This was then placed into a fire to burn. As people gathered to watch they would be mindful of the symbolism, that was the ending of all the bad things that had happened the previous year and a fresh start for the next one. “Nollaig” in Scottish is used to refer to Christmas. In Irish it means “December”. “Cailleach” refers to the prototypical Crone figure and thus the old wise woman in Gaelic.

Lughnasadh: The Autumn Equinox


For the Celtic figure Lugh. He unites people with the land and is therefore illustrious during The Harvest festival, Lughnasadh.

Fruit is yield by trees
Sheaves of corn are cut in the breeze,
With many thanks to the Earth
For she gave her bounty birth.

This is the Earth’s sacrifice
That she performs without a cry,
And the Sun begins to wane
Yet remains faithful to the land.

Lugh in slain
Yet death has no claim,
Because into an eagle he transforms
So with a fawn he sees another dawn.

And now a lone stag looks into relentless skies
And watches as an eagle flies.
The warm sun, now turning cold
Sinks behind ancient hills,
Turning them to enchanting gold.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Misty Glade

Misty Glade

Within a misty glade
Upon the midnight hour
The otherworld boundary fades
In this place of mysterious power

And we listen as we may learn
The truth behind our reflection
Looking at the sky we turn
Searching for that protection

Asking for the answers we know
We sit within natures circle
What is going on below
And why must we feel to know?

© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.




Narrative Poetry

The Tale of Constace
© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

The Tale of Constance
An Extract


In the tower
A Prince resides
The one that will save her
To rectify his sins.
The voracious dragon will be defeated
Its fire crumbling at his shield
Then the princess will see stars
That break the bars of time.
… Restricted
… Silenced
Flashes of hope dash through her veins and thoughts
She does not know that her logic has
led and
Their bourbon eyes interlock
At first sight.


© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.




I’ll never forget those words you told me
Even though I can’t act upon them yet
But one day I will and I hope you will see
How far I have come since we first met

I shall open all the doors and windows
Let the breath of life run through the house and me
And I will let go, take a deep breath and grow
So to learn and understand the seas of emotion

Tears exist but are too frightened to fall
So anger pushes them, to find they are gone
You, your words, and the meetings I recall
Yet I still cannot sing your’ song
And tears still feel wrong

So for now, recalling your’ words I must fight
The less painful ways to escape, do it right
Forget my destructive ideas, day and night
To ensure I grow, and then you’ll be within my sight

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Dance to your Song

Dance to your Song

*This is in dedication to someone who helped me change my life for the better, thank-you.

I wish you were the one that had saved me
As my own body just won’t let me be
I know that you saved my mind
Because I understand your song
I ask myself, now that you are gone
Why can’t I dance to your song?

As when I dance I trip over my feet
To a song that you sang so perfectly.

And why can’t I walk on the path
A path you paved so neatly before me?

As when I walk on your path
Insanity blindfolds me so I cannot see
And fall off the path that is lit
So in darkness I now sit
What gave birth to that insanity?

As for my body
It just will not budge
If my body was your puppet
The strings would snap and I would tumble
Snapping and cracking as I crumble.

And as for my soul,
I hope the purity of my mind will be my guide
Or else, hope mercy will be my bride.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Metamorphosis in Time

Metamorphosis in Time

As in death
So in time
You slowly
Fade to rhyme

I can mime
No longer
My sublime
Body cries

Has died
Yet my soul
Is an endless

Hole filling with
Prose yet now
You’ve contorted me
To your rhyme

So now I mime
Your rhyme
As my prose
Has died

So as in death
And so in time
We have slowly
Faded to rhyme

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.



Out of sight
Out of mind
For a night
Or two bind

This with time
Thus it’s true
Still all mime
Because you

Came then went
Without trace
It’s not fate
Now your face

Lingers on
All cause I
Saw you,
No good-bye

I don’t cry
I’m hoping
You’ll see me
And we’ll lie

As we did
Once again
Now to rid
Of this pain

That is you
I’m astute
Any route
I find you

Out of sight
Leave my mind
Day and night
Now unbind

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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