A Mind Splatter on: “Friends come and go but family is forever.”

The proverbial saying:

“Friends come and go but family is forever.” Anon. 

Has proven itself to be obsolete in the 21st Century. The family bond can only be considered in terms of “forever” through genes and DNA since these will never change and not even after death. However, friends are “forever” , for a lifetime, because if they are not then how can they be considered a friend?

Sometimes friendships breakup and the friendship is indefinitely finished. There are two lines of thought to this one is that the friendship was not actually real or never really happened, but this is a hard one to digest. The other line of thought is that friends are forever for as long as you are friends with them… surely then that’s not forever? Well, friendships have the potential to be forever and as long as the friendship does last the friends will be there for each other. Whereas family is predetermined to be forever but the family may not be there for each other throughout this “forever”.


As mentioned in the title these are  just thoughts of mine – they have been different in the past in respect to this topic and may well change again in the future. For now here you are, thoughts and comments are most welcome.