Poison Ivory

Poison Ivory

Walking relics from the prehistoric age
Have stumbled into a cage
Bringing their adornments of finery
Yet no amount of fact works as bribery
As each metal sheath is inscribed
With Faith, Folklore and failed education
All in the era of the postmodern
These share nothing in common
But put these together
And a lump of dead protein
Becomes a valuable treasure

Each sheath is a human
Who is under a manufactured illusion
The words of their delusion
Faith, Folklore and failed education
Are branded into the body
And scorched into the tongue and eyes

Now there is a postmodern potion
A poison that is precise
That will be used
In dead protein
To rid of the obscene
Those who are infected with
Faith, Folklore and failed education

Infection to fight infection.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.