Free My Mind


Out of sight
Out of mind,
For a night
Or two bind

This with time,
Thus it’s true
Still all mime
Because you

Came then went
Without trace,
It’s not fate
Now your face

Lingers on
All cause I
Saw you,
No good-bye.

I don’t cry
I’m hoping
You’ll see me
And we’ll lie

As we did
Once again,
Now to rid
Of this pain

That is you,
I’m astute
Any route
I find you,

Out of sight
Leave my mind,
Day and night
Now unbind.

Jenna Grabey © 2011

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Through A Druid’s Eyes

Through a Druids Eyes

Who would I be if I could not see the beauty before me?
And what would I be without truth?
How can I live without the moon?  The goddess that pulls the tide.
How can I live without the sun?  Where Lugh and Brigit reside.
Why live without the inspiration of bards?  They weave the world into language.
Why live without a love for nature – life?  Without this we only exist.
How can I live without the sky?  That forms the triad with sea and earth.
How can I live without the stars?  The Egyptians knew their worth.
Where would I be without trees?  Their language inscribed as Runes.
Where would I be without animals, my equals?  Watch the Shaman commune with the Racoon.
How can I live without justice with no malice?  Responsibility is our keystone.
How can I live without peace?  There would be no release.
And what would I be without those I cannot see?
Who would I be without history and my ancestry?  Where would I be?

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.
November 2010

Misty Glade

Misty Glade

Within a misty glade
Upon the midnight hour
The otherworld boundary fades
In this place of mysterious power

And we listen as we may learn
The truth behind our reflection
Looking at the sky we turn
Searching for that protection

Asking for the answers we know
We sit within natures circle
What is going on below
And why must we feel to know?

© Jenna Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.






I’ll never forget those words you told me
Even though I can’t act upon them yet
But one day I will and I hope you will see
How far I have come since we first met

I shall open all the doors and windows
Let the breath of life run through the house and me
And I will let go, take a deep breath and grow
So to learn and understand the seas of emotion

Tears exist but are too frightened to fall
So anger pushes them, to find they are gone
You, your words, and the meetings I recall
Yet I still cannot sing your’ song
And tears still feel wrong

So for now, recalling your’ words I must fight
The less painful ways to escape, do it right
Forget my destructive ideas, day and night
To ensure I grow, and then you’ll be within my sight

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Dance to your Song

Dance to your Song

*This is in dedication to someone who helped me change my life for the better, thank-you.

I wish you were the one that had saved me
As my own body just won’t let me be
I know that you saved my mind
Because I understand your song
I ask myself, now that you are gone
Why can’t I dance to your song?

As when I dance I trip over my feet
To a song that you sang so perfectly.

And why can’t I walk on the path
A path you paved so neatly before me?

As when I walk on your path
Insanity blindfolds me so I cannot see
And fall off the path that is lit
So in darkness I now sit
What gave birth to that insanity?

As for my body
It just will not budge
If my body was your puppet
The strings would snap and I would tumble
Snapping and cracking as I crumble.

And as for my soul,
I hope the purity of my mind will be my guide
Or else, hope mercy will be my bride.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.