Cinnamon Answers


First Complete Collection

Anger, lust and the feeling of being lost crafted into words. Followed by alternative perceptions due to knowledge, understanding and experience.

Cinnamon Answers is a collection of poetry in two volumes which capture contrasting states. Spice (Morbidly Written) – emulates that confusing and emotive time when we try to make sense of the world, people in it and our selves. Sweet (Experience in Melancholia) – provides a release from the previous suffocating state by giving answers and words of solace. This arrangement is in the same style as ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’ by William Blake. You can read some of the poems by following the links in the titles below.


© Jenna Leanne Grabey
Photograph taken by

Guilt that was Born in the Wasteland of Trust

Beautiful Anger


Free My Mind



Metamorphosis in Time

Dance to your Song

Outlet of Nature

Corset Sword

Cinnamon Answers

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