Anger, lust and the feeling of being lost crafted into words. Followed by alternative perceptions due to knowledge, understanding and experience. Some of these are published in anthologies, but Cinnamon Answers is an unpublished collection.

Pagan themed poetry, a home for the immortal icons of Celtic Mythology and the outdoors. Includes digital poetry. 

Poetry and prose about how humanity and culture, in a supposedly sophisticated, civilized and educated society, still screw the world up. Are such actions a by-product of humanity? If so then how will we ever change…? Includes digital poetry. 

Or of you prefer ‘a poetical story’. Enjoy!

  • The Demon Within (Coming soon)

A cliché, I know, but this is one demon that you do not ever want to meet, once you have it is hard to forget… 

  • Tales From A 21st Century Asylum (Coming soon)

As the title states, rather than being from a patients point of view this is from the perspective of someone new to working in care. Horror. Shock. Sympathy. Sadness. Empathy. Bafflement. Escape. Fright. Violence. A perpetual puzzle.

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