Blodeuwedd – A modern version

This is something I wrote back at University. I took the Welsh celtic myth of the flower-maiden / goddess Blodeuwedd and put it in a modern context. I honestly can’t remember the reason for this now, only that I have been a fan of celtic mythology, especially Welsh and Irish, for many years. Enjoy.


Primrose, my surrogate mother.
Doctors made me with IVF.
Oak or Broom, my donor father.
But as for myself
I was made for marriage.
I really should scoff, but
I was content being married
Till that alluring guy came by.
Then I forgot I was a wife.

I spent three nights wrapped up in lust,
Until my husband, Lleu, returned.
Then when he kissed me I felt distressed.
I loved my new lover, burned
For him and I was on fire.
So I got the largest kitchen knife.

But first, I required information,
For my Lleu, was well protected.
There was one way for him to be removed.
Got that knife well perfected
Then gave it to my lover.
But his aim was crap, then
One of the doctors came back for Lleu
Patched him up in no time.
The doctor had his suspicions aroused.
Lleu returned the knife.
It was too late for me to flee.
So the doctor took me in his hand
Crushed my flower and gave me pills
Then, took the sun, from my eyes.

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