Dance to your Song

Dance to your Song

*This is in dedication to someone who helped me change my life for the better, thank-you.

I wish you were the one that had saved me
As my own body just won’t let me be
I know that you saved my mind
Because I understand your song
I ask myself, now that you are gone
Why can’t I dance to your song?

As when I dance I trip over my feet
To a song that you sang so perfectly.

And why can’t I walk on the path
A path you paved so neatly before me?

As when I walk on your path
Insanity blindfolds me so I cannot see
And fall off the path that is lit
So in darkness I now sit
What gave birth to that insanity?

As for my body
It just will not budge
If my body was your puppet
The strings would snap and I would tumble
Snapping and cracking as I crumble.

And as for my soul,
I hope the purity of my mind will be my guide
Or else, hope mercy will be my bride.

© Jenna Leanne Grabey 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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