Blodeuwedd – A modern version

This is something I wrote back at University. I took the Welsh celtic myth of the flower-maiden / goddess Blodeuwedd and put it in a modern context. I honestly can’t remember the reason for this now, only that I have been a fan of celtic mythology, especially Welsh and Irish, for many years. Enjoy.


Primrose, my surrogate mother.
Doctors made me with IVF.
Oak or Broom, my donor father.
But as for myself
I was made for marriage.
I really should scoff, but
I was content being married
Till that alluring guy came by.
Then I forgot I was a wife.

I spent three nights wrapped up in lust,
Until my husband, Lleu, returned.
Then when he kissed me I felt distressed.
I loved my new lover, burned
For him and I was on fire.
So I got the largest kitchen knife.

But first, I required information,
For my Lleu, was well protected.
There was one way for him to be removed.
Got that knife well perfected
Then gave it to my lover.
But his aim was crap, then
One of the doctors came back for Lleu
Patched him up in no time.
The doctor had his suspicions aroused.
Lleu returned the knife.
It was too late for me to flee.
So the doctor took me in his hand
Crushed my flower and gave me pills
Then, took the sun, from my eyes.

Tangerine Sky


The sky turns orange
And begins to singe
On the fringe
I see that we are plunging
Through a tangerine sky
Lunging towards a ground we cannot see
But I expect our feet will find it soon
And as we travel our fingers slip apart
Yours are no longer intertwined with mine
But then I realise
That I am the one
The one falling like a fledging
I look back to the ledge
And see your hair your shoulder blades
And the steps you take
Away from the ledge
Now I’m falling fast and faster still

Yet I have never landed
I just keep on hovering
Hovering and choking
Hovering and choking
On orange mist

Jenna Grabey © 2013

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Why I won’t be using eBay again!


After selling an item on eBay to then have it returned – broken and in an unusable state, eBay then demanded that I reimburse the buyer! When the laptop was posted it worked. The fan was broken but this was made clear in the description.

Instructions on what to press when the laptop first booted up were also provided in the description. So yes the laptop was knackered, but it worked, and off it went to the buyer.


I then get the buyer messaging me saying that something was rattling. There wasn’t when I posted it, which when I did it was wrapped up in foam sheets and a thick cardboard box.

A dispute was opened up on eBay by the buyer and after a few exchanges of messages it “escalated” to customer services making a decision which went in his favour.

Obviously I was displeased at this outcome but…

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Times change

I felt the need to express how I was feeling and facebook didn’t seem the appropriate place. As for talking to people/friends well that means getting into a conversation, and then me sounding all woe is me. So, instead I figured here is better, it’s short, concise and you don’t have to read it if you don’t want to. 

I used to find solace in my academic work, but now it’s just getting me down.
For one, this year has been so rushed there has been no time to enjoy learning it’s all been one massive cramming session, and that includes the present. Also I guess there are more exciting things to be doing in life whereas two years ago there wasn’t particularly (is this because I’m not as interested in this work, or because the majority of my social circle do not study and having a job is a lot less time consuming than studying). Having to say goodbye to friends, hopefully see you in the future but who knows, quite frankly sucks.

Outlet of Nature


Just let go
Hold onto nothing
Let life embrace you
And you embrace life

You can be upset
And cry like the rain
There’s no need to fret
You will still be sane

You can be angry
And screech like the crow
Into the night sky
Exhaling the pain

This is life
And its denotation
Encompasses every emotion
So hold onto nothing

Jenna Grabey © 2008

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Animal-tested cosmetics banned throughout the EU

The 11th March 2013 saw the long fought for ban on the sale of cosmetics come into action. This includes all personal-care products. What’s more it does not matter where in the world the testing takes  place, no animal-tested cosmetic item or ingredients can be sold within the European Union (EU). Any tests that were being carried out have now been abandoned.

This ban has had a global effect: Even products that are tested and made outside the EU are now prohibited from our shelves. Prior to this ban, animal-testing for cosmetic purposes was illegal within the EU since 2009. However brands that condoned animal-testing still littered EU shelves. This includes brands such as L’Oreal, Procter & Gamble and Johnson & Johnson, just to name a few.

It has taken over 20 years for this ban to come into action. Not only does this prevent further force-feeding and inhalation of chemicals that eventually leads to bleeding from every orifice.  Also hundreds of thousands of rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and rats have been rescued from laboratories.

One of the oldest arguments against animal testing was, what can non-human animal’s reaction to chemicals tell us about human reaction? After all our genetic makeup is hugely different. For instance rabbits usually show stronger reactions to chemicals in the eyes than humans do.

Well in the past few years there has been much investment in non-animal testing methods. Apparently, these are more advanced. This begs the question as to why these were not common practice sooner once these methods became available. Surprisingly the answer is not because they are more expensive. The non-animal testing methods are actually less expensive! These non-animal testing methods are thanks to donated human tissue. This offers more protection to humans since this will be a much more reliable indicator of any chemical or adverse effects. Manufactures can test on human tissue grown in the laboratory and use human skin cultures. Not only do these types of tests save animals from enduring a life of pain and suffering, they are also more accurate, produce results in less time and they cost less, which helps to keep consumer costs down too, so we hope. With this ban in action more companies will be forced to use these more ethical methods.

One example of these cutting-edge techniques includes in vitro – test tube – testing methods. Such as 3T3 Neutral Red Uptake Photoxicity Assay. This gauges the potential toxicity of chemicals when they come into contact with sunlight, in order to assess sunlight-induced skin irritation.

A similar ban has been implemented in Israel and one is being considered in India. So the work isn’t over yet, as next on the list is a global ban.

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Free My Mind


Out of sight
Out of mind,
For a night
Or two bind

This with time,
Thus it’s true
Still all mime
Because you

Came then went
Without trace,
It’s not fate
Now your face

Lingers on
All cause I
Saw you,
No good-bye.

I don’t cry
I’m hoping
You’ll see me
And we’ll lie

As we did
Once again,
Now to rid
Of this pain

That is you,
I’m astute
Any route
I find you,

Out of sight
Leave my mind,
Day and night
Now unbind.

Jenna Grabey © 2011

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Mushroomy Mushrooms will be Mushrooming until they are fully Mushroomed

As bizarre as this post may seem to be, or seem like a really mundane topic and you’re thinking what on earth is she going on about mushrooms for? Was she on magic mushrooms when she wrote this? Just for the record, no. I was reading a journal article the other day and came across the word “mushrooming”. My first thought being: Since when is mushroom a verb? How does one “mushroom”? Then in the same night when reading an article on the CNN low and behold I came across it again:

Can we know what is art? There’s now a whole field called neuroesthetics devoted to the neural basis of why and how people appreciate art and music and what is beauty. Semir Zeki at University College London is credited with establishing this discipline, and says it’s mushrooming. Many scientists who study emotion are collaborating in this area. Zeki is studying why people tend prefer certain patterns of moving dots to others.

Coincidence? I think not. So I looked up the derivations of mushroom. (I actually did this after my first encounter with it.) Mushroomy is a given, and if there is mushrooming then there must be the past tense form of the verb as well; hence mushroomed. If you’re interested then below is what it means, which does seem pretty logical. However finding etymological information proved to be difficult. It could be a colourful use of verbing which is common place in the development of language, or its genesis is rhetoric in the use of anthimeria (changing a words grammatical class to alter its meaning). On a final note I do realise that I may probably should get out more….


[no object]

  • 1increase, spread, or develop rapidly:environmental concern mushroomed in the 1960s
  • 2form a shape resembling that of a mushroom:the grenade mushroomed into red fire as it hit the hillside
  • (of a bullet) expand and flatten on reaching its target:these are high-performance bullets which mushroom upon impact
  • 3 (usually as noun mushrooming) gather mushrooms:he went mushrooming with his father




Used figuratively for something or someone that makes a sudden appearance in full form from 1590s. In reference to the shape of clouds after explosions, etc., it is attested from 1916, though the actual phrase mushroom cloud does not appear until 1955.
“expand or increase rapidly,” 1741, from 


 (n.). Related: Mushroomed; mushrooming

And now just for  a laugh….



A Mind Splatter on: “Friends come and go but family is forever.”

The proverbial saying:

“Friends come and go but family is forever.” Anon. 

Has proven itself to be obsolete in the 21st Century. The family bond can only be considered in terms of “forever” through genes and DNA since these will never change and not even after death. However, friends are “forever” , for a lifetime, because if they are not then how can they be considered a friend?

Sometimes friendships breakup and the friendship is indefinitely finished. There are two lines of thought to this one is that the friendship was not actually real or never really happened, but this is a hard one to digest. The other line of thought is that friends are forever for as long as you are friends with them… surely then that’s not forever? Well, friendships have the potential to be forever and as long as the friendship does last the friends will be there for each other. Whereas family is predetermined to be forever but the family may not be there for each other throughout this “forever”.


As mentioned in the title these are  just thoughts of mine – they have been different in the past in respect to this topic and may well change again in the future. For now here you are, thoughts and comments are most welcome.

Inscrutable Instruments

Along the same vein as the previous post – A Dedication to Emilie Autumn’s ‘The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls’ – is this poem, Inscrutable Instruments. I wrote this a few years ago but have re-drafted, revised and edited it again over the Winter holiday. 

This time delicate Victorian lace
Replaces those daunting steel bars
How nice
Where are the mice?

Not in here! Not at the orthodontists!
Where my teeth pushed and pulled in every direction
The enamel left is only a fraction
From what was there before

Starring through the window
My gaze penetrating to the outside
In a vain attempt to refocus attention
From the damage I struggle to abide

Away from these inscrutable instruments
That look suitable only for violation
And yet this is my remission
To be scraped and reshaped

Ready for the next time
When the devices return
With yet higher prices
And no amount of remission will suffice

Jenna Grabey © 2013. All Rights Reserved.

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